Tusmørke means twilight. The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon. When we are between daylight and darkness. This beautiful phenomenon is Tusmørke.

These are handmade pieces that are created to make you happy. I encourage you to be playful and colorful. I want you to express yourself and have fun. Your style is your playground, and it is only your imagination and courage that set the limits.

Every piece is unique and made from my home to yours. I can’t guarantee that your piece will be flawless, but I can ensure that it is made with the best intentions. I have created Tusmørke to live free in my house and garden and express my creativity in handcraft. I have had a, you can call it a dream, to create a place where I can express my creativity through handcraft and be able to show and offer it to others. I design all the pieces for myself and it is pieces that I will and do wear.

If you’ve ever liked a picture on Instagram, shared my page with friends or family, or shopped from Tusmørke – thank you. This is making it possible for me to live my best life.

Best wishes,